Water Service/Water Supply

Dickson Plumbing & Gas Fitting offer a new water supply installation service, repairs, modifications and replacement of water supplies to your premises.

The importance of supplying water can be easily overlooked. With new homes the correct pipe sizing and pressure will be setup to comply with up to date standards.

Galvanized piping was the material used in older buildings, although this material did a good job for a long time it will not last for ever, culminating in rust from the inside and slowly reducing the internal diameter while releasing rust deposits into your drinking water. We can help you with the replacement and can offer a range of new materials.

Conserve your Water Supply – Our Top 5 Water Saving Tips

  • A running tap can use 10L of water per minute.

You could capture a bucket of water for the garden every time you had a shower when waiting for the temperature to heat up. Imagine how many litres you could save!

  • Swap to a water efficient showerhead

Showers make up 22% of total household water use. By swapping to water efficient shower heads, households can save up to 20, 000L of water per year. When selecting a shower head look for the stars on the WELS label the more stars, the more water you will save. Also look at the flow rate (litres per minute) as this can vary substantially.

  • Save water and energy by reducing shower times to 4 minutes

Almost 1/4 of household water is used in the shower. Cutting your shower time by just 2 minutes can result in a water saving of up to 30%. Try using a shower timer or your favourite 4 minute song to time your showers.

  • Check your loo for water leaks

A constant trickle into the toilet bowl wastes around 9,000 litres a year. To check for this type of leak, simply place a sheet of toilet paper under the rim in the back of the bowl (do this half an hour after the last flush when the bowl should be dry). If the paper soaks up water, you have a leaking cistern and need to call a Dickson Plumber to fix it.

  • Install a rainwater tank

Depending on where you live in WA a rainwater tank can be a great way to save and store rainwater to use on your garden during drier weather. A small tank (up to 2,000L) can be plumbed into your toilet and washing machine, saving over 20,000L of water a year.




Other Problems with water supply can be inadequate pipe sizing, this is really obvious when multiple taps are turned on at the same time.

For more great tips, checkout this website on water management.

High pressure can damage a new mixer tap or modern fixtures that should not have more then 500 KPA, it could also reduce the chance of a burst pipe. In some homes that suffer from water hammer reducing the pressure can help.

If you think the water pressure is too high in your building give us a call we can test and install limiting valves if needed.