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Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Collecting the water off your roof can cut your water bills down – this is where rainwater tanks come into play.  there are a number of ways that you can use this water. Dickson Plumbing and gas fitting can install your tank to supply your garden only or connect parts of your home .

Toilets and washing machine are the most commonly connected to save water.

Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that has been collected by Australian households for domestic use since colonial times.

Opportunities for rainwater collection and use vary with location. Urban households typically have a connection to a reticulated, treated (mains) water supply but can significantly lower mains water usage by installing a rainwater harvesting system.

Most rural households have to source all their water on their property, and rainwater often provides a better quality household supply than river, bore or dam water.

Benefits of Rainwater Tanks

Using rainwater can reduce water bills, provide an alternative supply during water restrictions and help maintain a green, healthy garden. Depending on tank size and climate, mains water use can be reduced by up to 100%. This in turn can help:

  • reduce the need for new dams or desalination plants
  • protect remaining environmental flows in rivers
  • reduce infrastructure operating costs.

Rainwater harvesting also decreases stormwater runoff, thereby helping to reduce local flooding and scouring of creeks.

Pumps that can be installed:

Standard pressure pumps can be used but with that you will need a tank topper to replace the water in the tank if it runs empty .  If your tank runs dry the pump will cavitate, get hot and burn out.

Rain Bank pumps are an alternative as the pump will have the mains pressure pipe connected to it so that when the tank is empty the pump itself will switch over to mains without having to fill the tank.

Keeping Your Tank Clean:

Having leafguards and mosquito screen are a must to keep your tank water clean and comply with council regulation. For a quote contact us.

Here’s some Qld Government Guidance on How to use Rainwater Tanks effectively.